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CasaLuna community actions contributing to worldwide Jewish Social Action Month

 Consejo Mexicano de Mujeres Israelitas

  CasaLuna began work with the Consejo Mexicano de Mujeres Israelitas, (Mexican Council of Israelite Women), which has dedicated its actions in Heshvan to the JSMA umbrella. The work done here is continuous throughout the year, as is the effort of other contributors of the JSAM in Mexico. CasaLuna has begun to help activate some of the programs which they support. During the month of Heshvan, we began a program with the Casa Hogar para Ancianos Vicente García Torres, which houses 120 elderly people who have little community or family support systems.

            We will be sending volunteers in several areas of need, psychologists, body-psychotherapists, readers and people who will keep the residents company, artists and performers, healers, group therapists and other volunteers from the CasaLuna community. With this step, we are hoping to extend the program to other institutions that the CMMI is assisting.

         The CMMI has worked for Mexican society for 65 years, and today supports a series of public institutions with small but significant and regular materials for the physical improvement of the installations of kindergartens, two public schools, a shelter for abandoned children, a home for newborns, and a school for blind children. They have also regularly donated and lent wheelchairs. In times of disaster, the CMMI contributes to the general effort with the Mexican Jewish community to get food, clothing, water, beds, blankets, medicines, diapers and medical assistance to the neediest places.

Global Healing Association A.C., - One Kilometre of Blankets

Global Healing Association A.C., conscious of the poverty in which millions of Mexicans live, and of the cold weather they face during the winter months, has organized the event “1 Km. de Cobijas” (One Kilometre of Blankets), for four years in a row.

Thus year's event took place on November 8th, in Mexico City's most important avenue, Paseo de la Reforma, near the Angel of Independence; for this event, more than 15,000 children volunteered from 40 schools, many of them from Jewish schools, and the goal of 20,000 blankets was achieved. The city government promised to match the same amount of blankets collected therefore the amount adds up to 40,000, about 9 to 10 Km.

Global Healing has held more than 50 sensitivity workshops in schools and educational institutes. This year we had the opportunity to support with blankets more than 20,000 people who live in extreme poverty conditions. 

Through this event, we expect to create a greater social consciousness which will help to integrate the polarized México in which we live and to promote a cultural and social responsibility especially among young people in order to develop leadership and break the circle of poverty which dominates the life of about 70 % of the people in our country.

Identity and love for México

Inde Olechnowicz

General Director

5251 - 2778

 Center for International Migration and Integration

CIMI’s mitzvah is the continuing work of its Trabajando Juntos workshop in Xelaja, Guatemala. This workshop provided training to migrants who give back to their communities of origin. It offered the participants opportunities to consult and network with peers. The workshop's enduring benefit is to bring together and strengthen those who help their communities on a regular basis. And so CIMI provides a forum that enables the mitzvah "doers" and their important work. 

Kate Berson ( / (972 2 655 7271)
Center for International Migration and Integration

Bet El Foundation

Bet El Community, which is a conservative congregation in Mexico, has an active group of women who support people in vulnerable groups, with basic foods, help in their living conditions and sometimes living quarters, assistance in buying school supplies, and obtaining clothing in good condition. Fundación Bet-El organized a Home Bazaar during the month of Heshvan. A sale was made after collecting domestic supplies and goods, crystal, home and bathroom supplies, decoration and other articles. The sale was very succesful. Additionally, every monday Bet El holds a used items bazaar. Proceeds from these sales go to the Casa Azul shelter. which they support via  "Vision Mundial" (World Vision) Association, which handles infrastruture and organization of the shelter, which houses ten children permanently and feeds and cares for 70 others.

Bet El also organized a winter posada for children in the shelter. The Foundation established last year a toy library or the children and is successfully running a community help program where members of the community bring items for these children. The Hineni program includes a monthly donation where diverse items are collected: in winter blankets, etc; in summer, school material. Food is accepted in accordance with the needs of the shelter. -

Comite de Ayuda Social de la Kehilla Ashkenazi

The Social Help Committee of the Ashkenazi community on a regular basis is the support of people within the community who need basic survival assistance. Program applicants are interviewed and the committee determined how they can be helped whether direct economic aid, work, or with medicines or other medical procedures. Also organizes the Hevrá Nejama, to give consolation for people in mourning. They dedicated their work on Heshvan to the JSAM community.

Michel Wohlmuth

Contributed to the JSAM consciousness with an act of his own, by donating his time pro bono to an association called Institute of Internet Security He is developing a pavillion to prevent parents and children of the effects of exposure to pornography in Internet. This pavillion with be part of the Museum of Addictions, which will open in Culiacán soon.


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