All great truths begin as blasphemies.
- George Bernard Shaw
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Ma Nishtana: Frequently-Asked Questions


What is CasaLuna? 


CasaLuna is a Conscious Community Center focused on Healing, Creativity and Spirituality, a node of intercomunication that connects people who need products, services or information and those who provide them. Besides the web page, we have a house in the beautiful Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City - not our headquarters, but our “Heart-Quarters” - where we offer space for teachings, healings, sacred ceremonies and other activities which reflect our vision. We rent spaces according to community needs. For needs other than we can accomodate, we connect seekers with centers and practitioners elsewhere.


What is the Healers Community?


A group of people exercising varied healing disciplines, paths and traditions, committed to the creation of integrated relationships – with oneself and with others - based on trust and consciousness of the ONE. The healers live and work mainly in Mexico City and its surroundings, and the community reaches outward to the rest of the country. We also have visiting teachers and are connected with and support the work of healers from other countries.


Our Values


We desire to serve as part the Awakening movement which is happening all over the world. Each of us is independent and self–responsible, and we are also interdependent. There is no competition among us, rather we support every person’s possibility to increase her own creativity and connectivity. Healers subscribe to an Ethical Code (which we invite you as a Voyager to read and think about), in order to share the language we want to communicate with together.




A Voyager is a searcher who receives the community information. Voyagers register in the web site,, and begin to receive information regarding community activities, both in-house and in other allied centers. This is a free service that includes the possibility of learning (our library has more than a thousand articles), healing and connecting with other people who seek alternatives of life, health, coexistence and values.


I am new in the community, how do I start?


Como Navegar la Nave (How to cruise the ship) is a basic guide. Fill the Mi Perfil (My Profile) section, add a photograph, choose your preferences. In Mis intereses, you can mark all the topics you are interested in (and remove them if you wish). In Mis Ubicaciones (My Locations) you register the places where you usually move around, so we can notify you of events and topics of your interest in these areas. The other sections Mis Habilidades, Mis Datos and Mi Página Web (My abilities, my information, my web page) are for use of the healing community which you can become part of in the future if you wish.


There are many terms I do not know


The healing Wikipedia is a good starting point to learn about the teachings and techniques we work with. If you click any name, a window will open with the description, a second click gives you a more detailed explanation. Another click can indicate the specialists in the community, and the people interested in that same subject. If you have questions or doubts, you can send a message through the CasaLuna contact form.


How can I find the appropiate healer for my needs?


If you don’t know where to start, you can send a message directly at the CasaLuna center and we will recommend a few options. Or you can go directly to the directory and browse. Follow your intuition. Read the profiles, you might prefer the language and learning path of one healer over another. One or two are bound to stand out. The details will tell you the story. As you read the information and connect with the person, be aware of how your body feels, which thoughts emerge, if you feel an unexplained attraction to what one or another person is offering. Feel free to look and ask around until you find the appropriate healers, teachings or training for you. Your body and inner wisdom will guide you. The most important thing in this process is that you learn your inner language and listen to your signals. You can also read Como Encontrar lo que Buscas and Ser Viajer@, Ser Comunidad.


How do I contact other community members?


Once you have entered the site with your user-name and password, you can send messages to other people in the community, whether they are online or not. You can communicate individually with online members through our live chat, and also invite several members to join a conversation in the group chat. If you are part of the healing community, you can send information from your message center to groups of people who share topic interests.


How can I tell if a healer is ethical and committed?


Each facilitator is responsible for the veracity of the information provided. We asume that by forming part of this community, the community member shares the values we propose. The more personal work a healer has, the better his knowledge is channeled in service toward others.


We are all people on the path, carrying light and shadow. Our chemistry changes according to the person we have in front of us. This is why some people who are good for your neighbor might not be so good for you. Some Voyagers feel comfortable with facilitators who have certification of approved and well-known techniques and institutions; others feel comfortable with a shaman who has no formal education.


Observe the attitude towards people and money. Is this person interested in power and obtaining followers? Or interested in the welfare of those who seek his assistance?


Healing begins with trust: when a Voyager feels a particular facilitator will help him through part of his voyage.


We need each other to grow. Because this is a self-responsible community. As a Voyager in the system, allow yourself to connect to your intuition and listen to your sensors. When you are connected with your inner wisdom, you become your own healer and your own teacher, and a teacher of others as well.


How can I post events in the Arts & Culture Calendar?


This is a free service for all community members, who can post and promote any cultural event. This calendar also welcomes activities of social and community interest - especially not-for profit activities and free events.


I registered as Voyager but want to be part of the healing community


We are all voyagers and all healers. If you want to contribute to the healing community you can upgrade the membership by going to the Mi Perfil (My profile) section and following the instructions.


I had a problem with a healing community member…


If this is the case and you need support, please let us know. To get in touch contact us here. We look forward to supporting a culture, of peace and voluntary mediation in conflict resolution.


As part of the healing community


The healing community supports the CasaLuna system of communication. In exchange for small contribution each healer receives space in our web page. Members receive all the free services that the Voyager community receives, plus the possibility of sharing their knowledge, services, workshops, classes and products in a growing network of fair exchange and consciousness.


How can I form part of the healer community?


Entry to the community is voluntary to people who share the vision, embrace the ethical code and contribute the membership for our self-sustainment.


How can I enter events in the Therapeutic calendar?


Healing community members can post therapeutic events, which they receive as part of their contribution. As you access the site, click in Mis Cursos and the screen will offer a questionnaire similar to the one you filled with your profile. Please observe the format for the title page, use a combination of capital and small letters. Place a photograph at the event profile and the necessary information. In the themes section, add only the topics revelant to your event – a quick notice will be sent to all voyagers who expressed interest in your subject or zone. Please use the system responsibly. Remember that you share the space with other people and no one has preference over others. Trust that people to whom you can best serve will come to you in due time.


What happens if I do not want to be a part of the community anymore?


Let the membership lapse. If you want to return, you activate it again with your contribution. If you want your name and information removed altogether, let the administration know.

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